Fund Management

We like to roll up our sleeves.

As a hands-on, fully-integrated owner-operator, Lingerfelt CommonWealth Partners manages all material structuring, strategic and management decisions related to each of our investments. To ensure that every aspect of a property is managed to our rigorous standards, we’ve assembled a full-service commercial real estate investment and operating platform to provide seamless execution for all of our investments.

Active Sourcing

Our systematic sourcing program features exclusive partnerships in select target markets in the Eastern U.S. With a top-down approach and deep connections in the industry—established through nearly 6 decades of relationship-building since 1957—we’re able to bring our partners and investors access to sources beyond their own networks. Through targeted, direct approaches to owners or intermediaries we are also able to facilitate off-market opportunities.

Underwriting and Financing

Our time-tested due diligence process ensures successful underwriting, led by our staff of MBA-level analysts who implement a conservative, detailed approach throughout the underwriting process.

Additionally, our affiliations include a well-regarded debt sourcing company, Atlantic Real Estate Capital, which has placed over $5 billion in debt and equity financing. This affiliation provides us with timely knowledge of debt sources and structures and the ability to tap into a community of active lenders.

Value Creation and Portfolio Management

Through our immediate cash-flow yielding activities and longer-term capital appreciation strategies, we seek to add value to our investors’ assets via operations, lease-up, rent growth, operating expense controls, increased tenant retention and other tactics. We also provide ongoing leasing oversight and vertically integrated asset and property management services, to meet the full range of our investors’ commercial real estate needs. In every activity we uphold the first party, owner-operator model—making all operational decisions internally, and not through third party operators.

Institutional Quality Reporting

To ensure our clients are always well-informed, we provide institutional quality financial reporting on a monthly basis, including a full suite of detailed financial reporting, executive summaries on market performances, property management, leasing, capital reserve studies, performance benchmarking and disposition analyses.