Asset Management

Building value at every opportunity.

Our asset management team brings an aggressive, entrepreneurial spirit to the management of our clients’ assets. Our institutional experience and unwavering commitment to excellence allow us to help our clients achieve success, year after year.

The team’s core business function is to provide turnkey asset management of commercial real estate, stepping in to assist from initial investment through final disposition. Our commitment to customer service is a cornerstone of our program, and we fastidiously uphold it throughout every process. Through checks and balances, we ensure our managers are accountable and work closely alongside our owners to develop plans that align with their specific goals.

For more information about Lingerfelt CommonWealth Partners’ Asset Management affiliate, please visit, or contact Ken Strickler.

Additional Services

Property Management

From monitoring day-to-day building needs to increasing the long-term value of commercial properties, we engineer solutions to provide quality service and proactively manage operating costs—while keeping tenants happy and our clients’ properties in optimum condition.

For more information about Lingerfelt CommonWealth Partners’ Property Management team, please visit

Construction Management

Our seasoned development team can assist with the daily and long-term needs of your project, allowing you to concentrate on strategic goals, while we manage the day-to-day activities.

A sample of our services include:

  • Maintaining project logs of development sites
  • Delivering weekly status reports
  • Negotiating contracts
  • Coordinating and monitoring contractors
  • Maintaining budget and schedules
  • Organizing inspections